“The path to discovering your magic
starts with living intuitively.”

~Kristy Hansel



Make your days more magical with the Uncommon Intuition Planner.

This planner was created for spiritual seekers who want to live more in alignment with their higher self.  Complete with practical tools to help you discover your intuitive magic.  

Each week discover a new way to slow down, refocus, and manifest your destiny. 

Featuring simple spell work, candle magic, tarot spreads, incantations, crystal work, energy healing, affirmations, and guided prompts for self-reflection.

Go beyond the mundane and find your magic!


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I believe that it has become difficult to connect with our higher selves and consciously create our lives in this fast paced society. This way of living has left many of us feeling like we are chasing after life and never catching up.

It is because of this there is a great need to slow down, refocus, and live mindfully. Part of mindful living is to connect with who you are and how you want to show up in life. 

As a psychic-medium-empath I have over 20 years of insight into how to live more intuitively.  I created the Uncommon Intuition Planner to help others find their sense of wonder, practice their magic, and discover their intuition. 

It is my hope that you see beyond the everyday existence and live a more enchanted life.


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