Your reading with Kristy will be an uplifting and positive experience, filled with messages that are compassionate and honest. Keep reading for more information.

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Types of Readings


Connect with Kristy over the phone for a voice phone call.


Speak with Kristy face-to-face via Facetime or Google Duo.


Uncommon Intuition

Why choose Kristy?

As a psychic, medium, and empath Kristy’s intuitive gift allows her to help you connect with information that restores your soul. Reconnect with loved ones who have passed, and discover your own intuition.

Her messages often provide comfort, peace, and insight to situations you may be facing in your life. This could include your career and finances, your relationships with friends and family, your love life, your health and wellness, and even your life purpose.

When you book a reading with Kristy you’ll receive guidance and practical tools that can help you transform and awaken your intuition.

Kristy’s personal energy will calm and relax you. Your heart and mind will open to the possibilities that are before you, and empower you to be bold.

Uncommon Intuition

What to Expect

Prior to your session, Kristy does not need to ask for any information nor does she ask any questions of you. Once Kristy taps into your energy she starts receiving information and messages to share with you. At times, Kristy will ask if something makes sense or if it resonates to make sure she is following the right intuitive thread. 

You will have the opportunity throughout your reading to ask questions. Your private phone or video reading will be kept completely confidential. Note taking is strongly suggested, since the amount of information can be overwhelming to remember.

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