Conjuring Abundance

Abundance Spell


A superfluous amount of abundance sounds sublime!  This ritual will ask for a little bit of your time.

You may be bewitched when your abundance makes a switch! 

For life’s riches are beyond money alone. Your abundance will soon abound. Within this incantation joy, health, and happiness can found. 

Gather your trinkets and treasures. Surround yourself with red, purple, or green. For wealth is yet to be seen.

Collect your precious stones of jade, citrine, or adventurine. For the divine would like to intervene.

Abundance Crystal Grid
Bring a candle, for this spell you can handle!
Abundance Spell

“With the lighting of this candle, I activate my wealth center.

The universe bestows life’s riches upon me. Springing forth the abundance I so desire.

As my root chakra spins and expands, I attract love, health, happiness, and wealth. So it shall be.”


Every day I am attracting more and more abundance into my life.

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