Crystal Grids

Crystal Grids

A crystal grid is a layout of crystals arranged in a sacred geometry shape. Crystal grids are made with intention to manifest a desired result. Then the grid is spiritually activated to give an energetic boost to rituals, spells, and energy healing. 

Shapes for Crystal Grids

The most common sacred geometry shapes used for crystal grids are the Seed of Life, the Flower of Life, Metatron’s Cube, Borromean Rings, and the Ashok Chakra. 

The Seed of Life is a symbol of creation. This sacred geometric shape displays how everything is connected. This grid would be good for new endeavors.

The Flower of Life expands creation. If something is already established but needs improvement this crystal grid would be helpful.

Metatron’s Cube provides flow to creation. Metatron’s Cube emphasizes the right time and right place. If things are feeling disproportionate the Metatron’s Cube crystal grid can bring things into alignment.

The Borromean Rings provide strength and unity. The Borromean Rings are also considered a gateway. This sacred geometric shape can create opportunities. 

The Ashok Chakra keeps things moving. It represents peaceful change. If things are stagnant the Ashok Chakra crystal grid can get things moving again.

Building Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are built using a variety of crystals. Crystals are chosen based on intuition and the specific spiritual properties that they contain. Consider an array of crystals that have a range of colors, shapes, and textures. 

A typical crystal grid includes a central crystal, surrounding crystals, connector crystals, and amplification crystals. 

Center Crystal

The central crystal is considered the focus stone of the grid. Its purpose is to gather and direct energy to the grid. 

Central crystals are normally the largest crystal on the grid. Spheres, towers, pyramids, and cubes work really well with anchoring the energy of the grid.

Surrounding Crystals

Surrounding crystals circle the center crystal. They are also known as the way stones. Surrounding crystals amplify the energy going to the center crystal. 

Surrounding crystals broadcast the set intention out to the universe. Wands, eggs, palm stones, and octahedron crystals make excellent conductors for this task.

Connector Crystals

Connector crystals represent the second to last row of crystals on a crystal grid. These crystals help to shape and tune the desired manifestation of the grid.

Unpolished and raw crystals can make excellent connector crystals. They are typically smaller crystals that help to fine-tune the energy.

Amplification Crystals

Amplification crystals are the outer ring of the crystal grid. These crystals serve to charge all of the other crystals. 

Crystals that make good amplifiers are clear quartz, selenite, amethyst, and clusters. All of these crystals regenerate energy for other crystals.

Once the crystals and grid layout are selected the next step would be to arrange the crystals. Follow the below steps to complete a crystal grid.

  1. Cleanse and charge the crystals. This can be performed in an assortment of ways such as sunlight, moonlight, sound, smoke, crystal clusters, and energy work.
  2. State the intention. Write down or say out loud what is to be manifested. If the manifestation is written on paper, place the paper under the crystal grid.
  3. Place the center crystal first and work out towards the outer perimeter of the crystal grid.
  4. Activate the crystal grid. Use a crystal point, tower, or wand to draw an energetic line that connects all the crystals back to the center crystal.

Recharging Crystal Grids

Now that the crystal grid is activated there isn’t anything else that needs to be done. However, the crystal grid can be recharged when needed by reactivating the grid. Simply use step four from above to recharge the grid.

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