Crystal Shapes

Crystal Shapes

Crystal shapes can determine how energy is conducted and directed through the crystal. The shape of a crystal can amplify the unique spiritual properties of the crystal as well.

Understanding how vibrational energy is transmitted through a crystal shape can help in choosing the right crystal for crystal healing sessions, rituals, and spell work.

Raw Crystals

Raw crystals contain wild, unfiltered, pure energy. This is because they haven’t been passed through many hands or machinery. Raw crystals possess unadulterated earth energy. They come with their own mission and intentions. 

It could be argued that raw crystals have more power than polished crystals. This is not necessarily true. I would say their energy is just different than polished crystals. Raw crystals are really good for deep work or shadow work. If you need a breakthrough, I would recommend working with a raw crystal. 

Polished Crystals

Polished crystals are a little more refined than raw crystals. Their energy is more gentle and subtle than a raw crystal. Polished crystals are cut and designed with intent and purpose.  Polishing and cutting crystals creates directional energy within the crystal. This makes a cut and polished crystal a tool of precision for rituals, healings, and spells. 

Crystal Points

Crystal points, also known as towers, have six to eight sides that form a point at the top of the crystal. They have a flat base enabling them to stand on end and point upwards. 

Crystal points are a powerhouse because they function as a generator. If you need to focus energy and amplify it, a crystal point would be a good choice. They are great for laser focusing and directing energy. Crystal points can be used to pull energy out and away from other energy fields.

They can be used to create sacred space. Simply place a crystal point in each corner of the room. Much like Telsa coils, the energy from the crystals will arc to one another to create an energetic grid. This grid will cleanse and protect the space. 


Wands are similar to crystal points, however, they are double terminated. This means they have a point on each end. Crystal wands allow energy to be pushed and pulled at the same time. They are great connectors on a crystal grid because they pull energy from one crystal and point it towards another. 

In crystal healing wands are placed along the meridians to push and pull energy towards the chakras. Some wands have rounded ends. Rounded wands are typically used for reflexology and acupressure. 


Spheres radiate energy in all directions. If you place a sphere in the center of a room the entire room will be draped with that crystal’s energy. Spheres tend to be harmonious and calming. They also work really well in the center of a crystal grid. 

Fortune tellers are often depicted gazing into a crystal ball. This is because crystal spheres can be used for scrying. 


Next, we have the egg-shaped crystal. Crystal eggs carry feminine energy and can be used to balance out an abundance of yang energy. Because this crystal shape can balance yin and yang energy it can balance emotional energy.

Think of this crystal shape as the emotional support crystal. It can buffer and transmute emotional trauma. 

Eggs are associated with spring and new beginnings. Due to their association with new beginnings, they can support life’s transitions and transformations. This means they can also assist with fertility.

Palm Stones

Palm stones are flat and circular crystals. They fit perfectly in the palm of a hand. Sometimes they are referred to as worry stones. This crystal shape helps bring peace, relaxation, sleep, and lucid dreams. They can also assist in being able to remember dreams. 

Palm stones are used during meditation. I have found that they are great for polarity therapy. They can balance and ground chakras. 

Pyramid Crystal Shapes

Pyramids are similar to a crystal point, however, their square base keeps the crystal more grounded. Because of their groundedness, they can be used as an anchor when performing rituals or manifestation work. 

They symbolize the connection between source and humanity. Therefore, they will aid in ascending to higher levels spiritually.

Octahedron Crystal Shapes

Octahedron is an 8 sided diamond-shaped crystal. This shape brings clarity and alleviates stress. They are similar to wands because they have double terminated points. This shape complements the energy of the heart chakra. It transmutes energy and assists in embracing change. 


Crystals shaped like cubes are very stable. This shape in sacred geometry is connected with mother nature. Cubes are building blocks and represent foundation and structure. They can help in achieving physical goals such as, losing weight or gaining muscle. 


Flames are a relatively new crystal shape. Crystal flames add fire and motivation to anything they are placed around. They assist with assertiveness and getting rid of procrastination. They will light a fire under you!


Crystal clusters are raw crystals that are clustered together in multiple shapes and points. They are generators and can charge other crystals. Crystal clusters transmute negative energy and bring harmony to their environment. 

Crystal clusters are frequently used on altars in combination with incense. They can assist in channeling practices. 


Crystal geodes are spherical rocks that contain a cavity of crystal clusters. Energy Healers use these crystals to clear their healing space and carry away shang chi. Geodes are portals to spiritual realms. Thank can be used like bank tubes to send and receive energy.

Have fun getting to know your crystals a little better! Check out this article on how to make a crystal grid. 

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