Before You Get an Intuitive Psychic Reading

Intuitive Psychic Reading

Thinking about getting a reading? It sounds magical and unbelievable that someone could connect with Spirit, God, and the Universe. It is natural to have apprehension at first. After all, how do you know if the Intuitive Psychic Medium isn’t a fraud?

Here are some things you should look for when considering an intuitive psychic.
  • Check their reputation.  Do they have testimonials?
  • Check their prices. Legitimate psychics, usually, see their work as both their business and their calling. They will have competitive prices but not astronomical prices.
  • Check with your gut. Does this person resonate with you? What kind of vibe do you get when you are around them or visiting their website?

People often seek out psychics for guidance on life events such as life changes, deaths, births, love, and finance.  Some simply want to have a glimpse of what their future may hold. This sense of uncertainty and curiosity should be met with a supportive psychic reader who will gently guide you to those messages.

“A supportive psychic reader will offer gentle guidance.”

Things only intuitive psychics know about readings.
  • Performing readings for others can be very draining on the psychic.
  • When clients wait for “proof” during a reading they actually put up a shield that is harder for the psychic to get past. This will diminish the quality of the reading.
  • Psychics can’t control what is and isn’t provided to them from Spirit, God, and the Universe.
  • Not all readings will have a message from a deceased love one.
  • Each psychic has individual strengths.

Psychic scams are a real thing. A sure-fire way to tell if you are being scammed is if they ask you to pay extra for a removal of a hex or curse. Likewise, if they tell you they can give you a love potion or ritual to help with a certain situation they are most likely scamming you.

“You are being scammed if you are asked to pay extra for a removal of a curse.”

How to get the most out of your reading:

An intuitive psychic connects with your personal energy.  In order to have a clear reading, your mind will need to be in a calm, receptive state. Give yourself time to wind down before your reading so that you don’t feel rushed or distracted. If you are having a reading over the phone it is important that you find a space all to yourself.

Hydrate because readings are a form of energy work. Staying hydrated before and after your reading will aide in processing the messages provided.

Bring something to record your reading. Take a notepad with you to jot down notes and questions. These items will help you to remember your messages and key takeaways.

Be open to what is being communicated. Try not to focus on a specific agenda. This may cause you to miss other viable information that is being given during the reading. Listen closely for credible details. There should be information discussed that affirms you are connecting with them properly.

Allow the psychic to guide the session. They should be the ones doing the majority of talking. A reputable psychic will ask you to confirm or validate the impressions they receive. At the end of the session, they will give you an opportunity to ask questions or to share your story.

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  1. I would love to have a reading. As soon as I seen you on tick tok. I felt like you were the one that needed to hive me a reading. I have been thinking about getting a reading for a while. But not really felt it with anyone. Until I saw you. I don’t know what it’s is. I just knew it had to be you to hive me a reading

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