Mabon and Autumn Equinox


Mabon will be on Wednesday, September 22nd. This is the day of the Autumn Equinox. On this day the length of light and dark will be equal. This duality of power represents balance. 

Bring Harmony

The Autumn Equinox is a great time to identify how you can bring harmony into your life. Ask yourself, “What might be causing things to be out of balance?” Release grudges, stressors, and harmful beliefs to lighten your load for the forthcoming season.


Mabon is a time to honor what has been, to be grateful, and to bestow peace and blessings on others. It is a time to slow down and be intentional about the hopes and dreams you want to plant for the following year. 

Animal Totems

Look towards the animal totems of squirrel and turkey to guide you through this season. 

The squirrel animal totem suggests that it is time to store up your reserves and to conserve your energy. While the turkey represents harmony with nature and the need to stabilize your mental well-being.

Autumn Equinox Tradition

As the Northern Hemisphere begins to transform into longer nights and colder days, create a ritual to honor this new season of your life. Gather blankets in baskets to keep you warm in the coming months. Bring out your fall decor of yellow, greens, and oranges. Place apples, acorns, pinecones, and pumpkins upon your hearth. Have the scent of apples, cedar, nutmeg, and rosemary in the air.

Mabon Ritual

Create a crystal grid of sunstone, orange calcite, yellow citrine, tiger’s eye, and carnelian. Then light a candle and say the following:

As I light this candle 
My heart chakra begins to spin and expand
I feel gratitude at this very moment 
As I am connected to the universe
I don’t need more to be complete
I am whole just as I am
As I step into this new season
My gratitude expands and my blessings are abundant
My blessings are so abundant that they stretch wide and radiate to the ones I hold dear
Through wild herbs and fragrant blooms
I offer a sacred space to plant my dreams so that they may take root
Bestow peace of mind and well-being to me and my loved ones
May all my days forward be abundantly blessed
So mote it be

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