Manifesting Made Simple


Manifesting, this something that comes naturally to me. I think it has something to do with growing up in a faith-based home. Or perhaps, it is because I’ve seen the women in my family have this innate ability to manifest things seemingly out of thin air. 

Manifestations have happened so frequently to me that I’ve come to expect them. I know that if I make a list, create a vision board, or set my intentions I will in one way or another have those desires come to fruition.

When I first started trying to manifest something intentionally I started off small. I loved to test things. I liked to have confirmation and solid proof. I wanted to know without a doubt that the law of attraction and manifestation was real.

I started small by trying to manifest coins. Wouldn’t you know everywhere I went I would find a nickel or a dime. I know…I know, Kristy if you looking for something surely your going to find it. I needed to try for something bigger. So I upped my ante. Enough with the coins. I wanted to find cash.  To be honest, I didn’t think it would work. 


One day I pulled into a park with my son. We got out of the car and started to walk towards the swings. On this particular day, the park was packed. There were people running in the grass, sitting at picnic tables eating ice cream, having cookouts, and riding bikes. 

I choose to take a path less crowded to get to the playground. As Jacob and I walked under the oak trees and across the lush green grass I glanced down. Low and behold there was a twenty-dollar bill right in front of us. I leaned over and picked it up. I thought to myself, surely, someone has just dropped this. I quickly looked around to see if anyone was nearby that perhaps was looking for their lost money. The once buzzing park had cleared and it was just Jacob and I standing there. The money was ours. Okay, universe I got your message, manifesting really does work. 

I’m sure you might be asking “Okay, Kristy but how do I manifest something?” Well, you wouldn’t be alone. One of our listeners had this same question.


The first thing I do when I am working on manifesting is to honor my dreams and desires. I intentionally set aside time to purposefully create a ritual. Think of it this way when something of magnitude happens in life we usually differentiate it from other events. These events are distinguished by some sort of ceremony be it a birthday party, a funeral, divorce papers, wedding showers, baby showers, or even cutting your hair. These ceremonies signify that something of importance has occurred. And that is exactly how I approach manifesting work. I create a ceremony.

I do this by creating a scared space.  This space is a place where I can be alone and comfortable. I surround myself with things that are a symbol of my desire. 

If I’m trying to attract wealth I have my checkbook, cash, jewelry, and any other little bobble that signifies abundance. If I’m trying to manifest a car I bring a toy car representing the type of car that I want. If it’s love I want to manifest I would have matching pairs of things or the colors red, pink, and purple. I find that surrounding myself with little representations of my desires helps to create a powerful ambiance. I personally love creating an ambiance for intention work, it reminds me of the movie Practical Magic. 

Next, I bring in crystals to amplify the energy. I light a candle and I say an incantation. The incantation usually goes something like this: “With the lighting of this candle, I am ready to manifest joy, health, love, and abundance into this present moment. I am ready for the goodness the universe wants to bring to me. I am willing to accept these manifestations and give thanks to the divine. I know that it is mine.”

I then get to work creating a vision board. Often I write my desires out on a piece of notebook paper using red ink. I even get fancy and fold the paper and seal it with wax from my candle. After my dreams are all captured on the vision board or notebook paper I say a quick prayer. My prayer is to ask that all obstacles are cleared away and if not this than something better. I end my prayer with gratitude. 

Finally, I store my sealed piece of paper in a silver box. Then I place the silver box in the specific feng shui area of my house that my desire correlates with. For instance, career is at the front entryway. Love would be at the back right corner of my house according to the Feng Shui Bagua.  There are so many other Feng Shui details that can aide with manifestation work but for today I will keep things simple. 

The vision board is left to sit undisturbed. Usually, for two weeks on a table that can catch the sunshine and moonlight. A candle sits next to the vision board. I like to reignite my desires by lighting the candle and letting it burn for at least 30 minutes each day. This brings more energy to my desires and creates and establishes that I’m truly honoring my dreams.


The true secret of manifesting is not worrying about the how, when, or why my dreams will manifest. You see, when a farmer plants his seed he doesn’t go back and dig it up to see if has taken root. No, instead he trusts that the universe and nature will let the seed sprout in its own time. The farmer knows when the seed is left undisturbed it will grow strong roots. Now that isn’t to say the farmer doesn’t still do his work. He waters and fertilizes the soil to give the seed the best environment for growth. However, the farmer trusts that he has done what he needed to do and that the universe will supply the rest.

To manifest something all you need is a seed. It doesn’t matter how small the seed is or even what type of seed it is. You have a seed, its the idea and desire in your heart. The vision will become clearer once you plant it. But are you brave enough to plant it? Do have the resilience and patience to see the seed grow? Can you follow your intuition so that you know what to do and when to do it so that you stay on the path to your dream?

Manifesting is about trust, and the fortitude to not lose that faith.

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