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Last week’s episode of the Uncommon Intuition podcast focused on how to figure out which of the psychic abilities was your dominant clair. We learned about the 6 clairs: claircognizant, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairalience, clairgustance, and clairvoyant.

In this episode, we are going to talk about how to strengthen the clairs that are most widely recognized as psychic abilities. Those clairs are clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyant. Otherwise known as clear hearing, clear feeling, and clear seeing.

Honing your psychic abilities is closely related to sharpening your five physical senses. It is about being receptive and observant of the world around you. 


So if you are wanting to craft your clairaudience you will need to work on your listening skills. You can do this by tuning into the silence and listening to the environment around you. This means intentionally turning off all devices and sitting alone. What is it that you hear? Can you hear the wind, the birds, a lawnmower, a ceiling fan, the rumble of traffic?

Another way to do this is to listen to music and pick out one instrument to hone in on. You want your focus to be singular. 

Becoming acutely aware of the background noises in your life sharpen your clairaudience. 

Picture this you are in a crowd of people and your friend or family member is with you. Someone whom you are very familiar with their voice. And in the hum of the crowd, you can hear this person call out to you. You can single out their voice in all the chaos. This is a perfect example of how clairaudience works.


Clairsentience is a little tricky for me to explain because it is something that comes so naturally for me.  Clairsentience or clear feeling is related to your sense of touch. Feeling different kinds of textures with your skin can help fortify clairsentience. 

I think of that game on Jimmy Fallon where they bring out a box and have the guest reach their hand in and try to sense and feel what object is in the box. This game would not only get your sense of touch on high alert but it also puts your emotions on high alert. 

Another way to practice clairsentience is to look at a photograph and try to sense what the people in the photo were feeling at the time the photo was taken. You can also do this with personal objects. While holding an object in your hand try to sense the energy, personality, and emotion connected to it. 


Now on to the big one clairvoyance or clear seeing.  You guessed it this psychic ability is closely related to your sense of sight. Strangely enough, this is about softening your focus. Think of it as gazing rather than aiming. 

More than likely you have come across those online visual test about staring at three dots on a photo negative and than looking away front the image and seeing the image in full color. This is a perfect example of softening your gaze.

This effect is called an afterimage. If you were to stare at a blue circle on a white background and then look away you would see a red circle. 

Another way to strengthen this ability is to practice visualizations. Try closing your eyes and visualizing your bedroom. Of course, if your an aphant you have terrible picturing stuff in your mind’s eye so this may not be the tactic for you.

Lastly, do you remember the memory card games? You know the ones were you put nine cards face down and you try to find the matching cards. If you play this memory game but before you flip the card over you try to intuit what the card is first this will help strengthen your clairvoyance.

Those are some simple tricks to crafting your psychic abilities. It really is all about being observant and mindful of your environment around you. Seeing, hearing, and feeling those things that aren’t directly in front of your focus. 

I hope you have fun practicing!  

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