What is a Sigil?

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A sigil is a pictogram or visual symbol that identifies a specific power or purpose. In modern terms, a sigil would be an icon. Similar to how an envelope icon represents email, a sigil is a representation of something imbued with magic and intention. 

In medieval times sigils were used in grimoires to represent angels and demons. The sigils would grant the holder a certain level of control over the angels and demons. 

Nowadays sigils are used as a personal empowerment tool to symbolically represent and manifest desires. 

Common Sigils

Common sigils currently used in today’s culture are the cross, a heart, the peace symbol, the Eye of Horus, the Pentacle, the Star of David, the Infinity Sign, and the Zodiac Signs. 

Each of these sigils are easily identified. They carry a certain amount of esteem. Each sigil has a collective emotion linked to it as well. Those emotions range from fear to reverence.

Healing Sigils

There are healing sigils like the Reiki symbols. Reiki is an energy healing practice that has four sigils Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, and Dai Ko Myo. 

Cho Ku Rei represents power and protection. Sei He Ki represents mental and emotional healing. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbolizes distance healing. Finally, Dai Ko Myo represents the master of energy healing.

Incorporation of Sigils

Incorporating sigils into a spiritual practice is a way to become more connected with magic. Sigils are carefully crafted with purpose and direction. They express conscious creation and decisiveness.

There are eight different types of sigils that can be incorporated into a spiritual practice such as; word, pictorial, Witches’ Wheel, Runic, Meditation, Square, automatic, and traditional sigils. 

Word Sigil

Word sigils are designed from a written phrase or mantra. The nonrepeating letters in the mantra are rearranged into a symbol. 

The word sigil is then used as a reminder to enhance the mantra. The purpose of the word sigil is to offer a focal point while chanting the mantra. 

Pictorial Sigil  

Pictorial sigils are crafted with imagery that corresponds to a desire. The depiction of the desire is then easier to connect on a subconscious level.

Pictorial sigils are regularly used for protection, healing, and manifestation work. They used to seal the magical intention and are to be left undisturbed. 

Witches’ Wheel Sigil

Witches Wheel sigils are drafted from the circular pattern that contains the English letters within the Witches’ Wheel. A Witches’ Wheel sigil is best used for singular words. 

This sigil is created by drawing connecting lines on the Witches’ Wheel to each letter in the chosen word. A power symbol is then created from the lines. This symbol can then be used to place a signature energy stamp on any spell work.

Runic Sigil

Runic sigils are made from existing runes. Two or more runes are merged together to embody the intended desire. 

These sigils are also called bindrunes. By merging the sacred runes together there is a deeper connection to the manifestation.

Meditation Sigil

Meditation sigils are discovered while meditating. The Reiki symbols were formed in this way. 

These sigils are very spiritual and enlightening. 

The purpose of the sigils are revealed through meditation. Meditation sigils connect to a higher power. 

Square Sigil

Square sigils are created from a square grid that contains letters, numbers, or both. The word or mantra is then deciphered via the square. 

The sigil is then coded from the corresponding letters and numbers via a connecting line. These sigils are more secretive as they tend to be double coded.  

Automatic Sigil

Automatic sigils are formed from automatic writing. While in a trance-like state sketches are produced creating a pictorial sigil. 

The desire is conveyed through the sketches in a free-form way. Automatic sigils relinquish control in order to go with the flow.

Traditional Sigil

Traditional sigils require knowledge and understanding of the pre-existing sigils. They are constructed with extreme intention and forethought. 

Spiritual Boost

Any of these sigils can add a power boost to spiritual work. After all, sigils help to direct and focus energy to a specific intention. I personally like to add them to my distance energy healing, manifesting work, and crystal grids.

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